Are you ready to be SunSmart?See you all soon! Learn, See & Feel the actual SunSmart Experience. Elevating Solar Power the practical, easiest, safest, Filipino way. 🇸🇽☀️😎

Posted by SunSmart on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sunsmart Green Development, Inc. is a company duly incorporated by Security and Exchange Commission to transact e-Commerce , Trading, and Real Eastate Business in the Philippines.  It is a direct affiliated company of Shenzhen SunSmart Intelligent Science and Technology Co. Ltd and SunSmart Solar Power Technology Philippines.

Our SunSmart Products & Technology includes the following:
SUNSMART Integrated Solar Power;
SUNSMART/QUANRI Solar/Wind Turbine LED Street Lights;
SUNSMART/AUCMA Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations;
SUNSMART DRONE – Logistics & Delivery Services;
SUNSMART HOUSE Solar & Modular Housing System.

Our goal is to be able to create and provide an all renewable and sustainable community developments the SunSmart way.

We take lead by working altogether with a goal that is for the benefit of the many with integrity and unyielding passion for excellence the Lean Sigma Way.

SUNSMART where we came from 🙂

Want to know where we came from and what we have done from the past that led us to our present of having a small, portable, powerful solar power device?This video tells it all.And Philippines, thank you for being such a challenging, beautiful inspiration for SUNSMART ISP devices.Now you can simply understand how and what a traditional solar PV system is like installed on roofs and farms. This is where we came from that led us to our present PORTABLE, more powerful SunSmart ISP devices. Lets make life more easier, practical, space saving, simpler, convenient, safer, longer lasting and believe it or not, cheaper.Its time….Be Ready. Be SunSmart.#theydidntseeitcoming_we_did#backgroundcheckhereyougo#thisiswhy_wecameup_with_SunSmartISP#SunSMartISP_inspiredbyFilipinos_way_of_life

Posted by SunSmart on Tuesday, April 18, 2017