Jinto P30SL E-Trike (Li)


1300W; 2750 * 1150 *1680

5 Removable doors

7-8 seats



Technical Data & Specification

Battery Chargers for e-trike:

  1. Standard Charges for Lead Acid Battery, @100W per hour, charging time is averaging 8 to 10 hours.
  2. Fast Charges for Electric Motor 500W to 800W, @300W per hour; using Lithium Ion battery charging time is averaging 2 to 3 hours;
  3. Super Charger for Electric Motor 800W, 1300W or more, @ 1200W – 1500W per hour; using Lithium Titanate battery charging time is averaging 1 hour or less.


** All the chargers can be plugged into AC power line; or SunSmart ISP series 3000 or 6500

Travelling Speed:

  • All e-trike from Aucma are faced at standard speed of not more than 35Km/hour;
  • Enhancement of electric motor can increase the speed of e-trikes to 45 km/hour (specially custom made)

WARRANTY: EV (except tires) – 3 years


*Lead Acid (pb) – One (1) year;

* Lithium Ion (Li) – Two (2) years;

* Lithium Titanate (LTT) – Five (5) years Product Warranty;

Ten (10) years Power Warranty


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