SunSmart Solar Charging Station


In Summary:

* You accumulate huge SAVINGS in Electricity;
* You instantly earn huge INCOME in selling
* You contribute in slowly creating positive change within your community that service the common good

You…make this country.. this world a much better place to live in for our young generation and the next.



START your very own SunSmart Solar Charging Station Business NOW!

Buy SunSmart ISP and AUCMA E-BIKE with a total worth of Php 900,000.00 ( We can also provide bank financing)

And instantly enjoy the following:

– Save 80% of your electricity bill at your own shop and even just at your home by using SunSmartISP.

– You start Charging while others are Recharging – Convert and Allocate a small space of your shop to become a SunSmart Charging Station where all other SunSmart E-bikes, E-trikes, and all other SunSmart Solar & Rechargeable devices can able to plug in and charge;

– Fast Turn Over – It only takes from 40 to 80 minutes (depends on size of the Lithium Battery) for SunSmart E-bikes and E-trikes to get fully charged with SunSmart ISP. In comparison with other electric vehicles using Lead Acid Battery must take 8 to 10 hours for full charging time via only ordinary AC power line.

EARN HIGH FAST PROFIT – We do not limit you just to earn profit from Charging. You instantly become a SunSmart Authorized Dealer to resell SunSmart isp devices & also SunSmart Aucma E-Vehicles to earn as much as P11,000 minimum per day!