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by: JMN – Vice President, SUNSMART

SUNSMART, with 7000 sqm. fully landscaped private resort showcase within Clark, Mabalacat, Pampanga is 100% sustainable and powered by solar energy.
Functioning with full resort amenities which includes 8 fully airconditioned rooms, 4 individual water heaters, 2 water pumps for 2 swimming pools, surround sound system, a serving kitchen facility with refrigerator, freezer, microwave, water dispenser, oven, rice cooker, stove, LED ceiling lightings, electric fans, 5 LED TVs, etc. is an actual live demo that shows and proves how solar can be a very smart and wise choice of investment that is even beneficial and helpful to both mankind and the environment.

It is a mere fact that our monthly electricity bill is down to the most minimum you can never imagine. And that is the reason why SUNSMART is here in the Philippines. SUNSMART is Inspired by the way of living of the Filipinos especially those who lives in the rural who suffer a lot with constant brownouts, huge electricity bills and some with almost no electricity supply at all. For so many years, roads are left dark and became one of the reasons for increasing crime rate and road accidents. Streetlightings cannot be put up due to complicated and expensive installation and even add up to every barangays electric bill. And do you know that people transportation in the rural areas are more costly than those in Metro Manila? No wonder their elders still continue to farm and harvest their agricultural land. That’s why although we are on a solar PV system, I find it not feasible for Philippines to have those huge PV solar farms because it takes away vast portions of our precious agricultural lands that even our farmers will lose their jobs. At least 80% of the population from a rural area exerts effort of walking to a nearby tricycle stand, then goon a shuttle or jeepney back and forth just to get to their destination. If you are a student or a worker from a rural experiencing this way of transportation, it will cost you at least Php 80.00 a day or even more! If you want to save money then you have no other choice but to walk. From all these scenarios I, together with my Chinese engineering team developed an easier and most practical way to resolve all these issues which is actually part of our long term solar and renewable business in China. All we have to do is to make it INTEGRATED and SIMPLE.  And there it goes we give birth to our new innovative solar technology SUNSMART ISP; born in China but inspired and be raised here in the Philippines where she will be the answer to all the aforementioned issues.

We envision SUNSMART ISP to be in every home of each family household units especially those who suffer with expensive, scarce and almost zero electricity. It can also be a renewable solar electricity back up power system to all others. SUNSMART ISP which is portable, lightweight and comes in just one solar box device and one panel with multi function purpose and add-on accessories which is just as powerful as the traditional solar PV systems, is way simple and user friendly that Filipinos even in the rural can simply adopt it. Our Streelights with both solar and wind turbines can lighten and brighten up every streets and gives a feeling of a safer roads to take for every individual. It is even an added thumb ups and smiley faces to every balikbayans or tourist who gets to visit the town. The mode of transportation will be more affordable, cleaner and safer with the use of our electric vehicles such as E-bikes and E-trikes. We integrated our Etrikes with GPS system to “Uber-style” the rural residents to take them safely to their destination. Students can have a ride with foldable bikes to get to their school. Best of all, it is not only our barangay people, parents and young ones are happy but above all, our Mother Earth is the happiest because finally we work together all enjoying the same profitable benefits to have a cleaner, cheaper and safer energy and a much higher purpose of cleaning, preserving and saving the Earth for our generation and the next. I look forward to this vision. But I cannot make it happen alone. I need you and everyone to spread the word and MAKE IT HAPPEN. So to my fellow Filipinos, change is indeed finally here……

lets all Be Ready….

Be SunSmart.


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